About sleepBee

No one knows your child like you do. The valuable information about your child’s temperament and unique personality all play an important part in how I create your customized sleep plan. Every child is unique. Your sleep plan should be, too.

About sleep Bee

Our purpose is simple: help tired parents and children get the rest they deserve. Whether you're experiencing a sleep regression, introducing a new sleep arrangement, or noticing new behaviors from your child, SleepBee can help.

I teach gentle parenting techniques to help you achieve the peaceful nights you've always dreamed of. Are you tired of being tired? Check out SleepBee's packages for more information.

About Me

Hi! I'm Carli. I'm a psychologist, certified pediatric sleep consultant, and (most importantly) a proud mom of 3. I know from experience how devastating it can be to have to function during the day with interrupted sleep at night. As a psychologist I have a wealth of experience working with children with developmental delays, sensory needs, and various disabilities. If you've tried everything out there and still aren't seeing the results you want, there is hope!

I became a certified pediatric sleep consultant following my own experience working with a sleep consultant. It made a huge difference for my whole family and I knew this was my calling. Let's work together to solve those bedtime blues so you and your little ones can thrive!