Good sleep doesn't have to be a dream.

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Good Sleep For Your Baby Doesn't Have To Be A Dream

Are you tired of bedtime battles? Or just tired of being tired? SleepBee Consulting is here to help! With customizable packages, we have something for everyone.


Helping Children And Parents Get a Good Night's Rest

Many believe that parenthood means suffering through years of sleep deprivation, or waiting for their little one to "outgrow" their sleep problems.

SleepBee uses gentle parenting techniques to teach and reinforce healthy sleep habits. You and your child deserve good sleep!


About SleepBee

SleepBee Consulting is based on evidenced-based behavioral strategies to teach and reinforce healthy sleep habits. Whether you need a single session consultation or a more in-depth sleep consultation, SleepBee is here to partner with you to develop an individualized plan to fix your family's sleep needs.

Multiple children? Developmental or sensory issues impacting sleep? No problem! My experience as a child psychologist helps me address any behavioral or learning issues that may be impacting sleep. Ready to work together?

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